Monday, February 28, 2011

A Facebook Fast.

Tessa + 1 month without Facebook = Interesting outcomes.(:

So God gave me a challenge at the end of January: To take a whole month off of Facebook. I realized that Facebook had become an addiction in my life. And though it's hard to say... A god. Everyday after school I would get on Facebook and stay on for hours. I would think about Facebook during the day and wound up talking about it with other people through just simple conversations. In effect to that it cut into my family time, God time, and just my thought process of what God needed me to think about.

So has a month without Facebook changed me? In a way, Yes. God has used this sort of "fast" in bigger ways than expected. I no longer am captive to the Facebook monster. My goal through this? Well, that is to tear down EVERY wall that could block my view and communication with my heavenly father. So. I am starting to do that in my life. Not just with Facebook. But with words, relationships, movies, shows, thoughts, well, Just everything! I want to live above just a lukewarm Christian. I want to live life to the Holiest possible way I can. Not saying that I could ever be perfect, cause I can't. But if I am trying to live my life purely. My prayer is that I can please God.

In no way am I saying that Facebook is a sin, because it's not. God can use your Facebook in HUGE ways!! Just let Him. And if He is telling you to take a break. Do it. He can use that as well. Who knows. He could change your life. (:

Alright. Love you guys, TESSA<3