Saturday, December 22, 2012

A New Light on Christmas.

I know I haven't blogged in a very long time. But the very thing that has been heavy on my heart all day long needed to be shared.

Most of you are aware of my trip to Uganda, Africa this summer. That trip, was amazing and I truly will never be the same. Never. Not only was it my dream and passion to do missions in Africa but God is still teaching me today what it means to love the poor and the needy. While in Africa I worked in an orphan village with around 1000 orphans living there. Those orphans, well to say the least, they captured my heart. They were everything I expected them to be and so much more. To tell you the truth my heart is still very much in Uganda. God made me to do missions and love people and today I am feeling that responsibility very well. You see, my dad has spent all day buying my brothers and I Christmas presents. All day. As I talked to my dad about all that I wanted on my list (Seeing that he is a man and I tend to want girly things it was a VERY in depth list. Down to the brands and everything. Haha.) something just didn't feel right. My heart was hurting and pictures of those precious orphans or that grandmother taking care of her 15 orphaned grandchildren popped into my head. They have nothing. Literally nothing. And I have everything I would ever need to have a comfortable life. But yet I hand a lengthy list of things I want and "need" to my dad every year. Something is just wrong about this situation.

I know, it's normal and acceptable to get presents on Christmas. And I am very thankful God has provided for my family to enjoy a holiday like this. But, when I think back on the day in Africa while making a child's bed and picking up the "pillow" and it really being a pillow case stuffed with the only clothes this kid has and being used as her pillow every night, it's hard to grasp the fact that parents are bending over backwards to get us the newest luxuries we 'need' and lavishing ourselves in things. At the end of the day they are really just, things.

I am in no way bashing the idea of presents on Christmas. But, maybe this year, we should appreciate the things we get a little more. Maybe we should remember the people in this world who are not nearly as wealthy as us. Maybe we should make Jesus the center of this holiday. After all, it is His birthday!(: