Saturday, April 16, 2011

A love letter from God...(:

Hey there,
I am writing you a letter to let you know that you are BEAUTIFUL. (Psalms 45:11) You are my lovely child. I want to let you know that the world will put standards on your image. The Devil is using those stick thin models and that girl who always gets all the attention from the guys in class to put you down. But I am begging you. Please don't listen. I made YOU just the way you are. I adore you. You are precious. I am telling you now that a "special someone" will come into your life and then break your heart. You will feel ugly, self conscious, and worthless. Be prepared. But cling to me. I will let you know that you are mine. You wont listen for a little while. You will let the Devil beat you down over and over again until your so weak that you fall on me. I wish you wouldn't but you do it everytime. Why can't you just see how special you are? Why do you judge your "likeability" and Image on whether you have guys/girls swarming around you all the time. YOU ACT LIKE I AM NOT ENOUGH. You have heard me tell you how great you are over and over again. It hurts me when you just disregard that. It hurts me when you don't listen to me. You push me away time and time again. The World will never see you as beautiful if you are with me. The world hates you. Yet they are attracted to you. Because you have me.
The world will push you to go beyond my standards. They will say things like it's okay if it is true love. But the world DOES NOT KNOW TRUE LOVE. (1 John 4:7) Do not stretch the standards I have given you. Remember,TRUE LOVE waits.(Hebrews 14:3) I am very pleased with you when you obey what I have commanded. When you do, you make me smile. The world will tell you that it is necessary for you to date. But if I say NO, you can't. Even though you may disobey me and break my heart, I will still love you. I will convict you and break you and gently put your heart back together. And you will fall in love with me again. (Matthew 22:37) If you follow what I have told you, in the dating world, You will stand out like a lily among thorns. In the end everyone will see that YOU ARE the most beautiful. Don't you know that I love you.
You. Are. Beautiful.
I love you,
Your Heavenly Father

*I am in no way claiming to be God or even close to being Him. I just want to encourage you with some things He has been revealing to me. God and I just want you to know that you are beautiful. (:

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