Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This whole thing called religion...

God has POUNDED something on my heart lately. This is something that is surrounding our churches and disturbing our spiritual walks... It's this little thing called RELIGION. Yea. It's kind of unexpected to be described like this. But the fact is God does not want us to have religion, He wants us to love and live for HIM!

Religion sets this standard of doing this thing at this time. Or it tells you to act this way and only this way. I find that sometimes when we just focus on religion and its rules we lose sight of what God is trying to tell us at that moment. It completely shuts our mind out. Often religion causes us to place ourselves higher than others. Feeling like we are more Holy. Ha.. For us to think we are more HOLY! God clearly spoke about humility and to place our selves among the 'Tax Collectors' and 'Prostitutes'. So why do we feel like we have the right to think we are more holy? I think this is what turns people off from Christianity the most. Sometimes we are just a bunch of stuck up religious people!! And most of the time we don't see anything wrong with it!!

I myself am trying to overcome this religion. Don't get me wrong. I love Jesus with such a strong and passionate love. But I want to have a relationship with Him. I mean thats what Christianity is. I want to love the people who don't know Jesus. And I don't want to feel like I have a greater right to His Kingdom.

Christians... Join me in trying to prevent religion from creeping up in our hearts. Join me in praying for a solid relationship with the one who ADORES us and wants us just to listen to Him. With open hearts and open minds. I will be praying for our churches may we hold fast to his love and not get caught up in this kind of religion. (:

With love,

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