Monday, January 10, 2011

And this... is REAL.

Tonight I wanted to write something inspiring. But you see. I don't know how to just sit down and write something and it automatically is great and honorable. I can type what is real though. But real isn't pretty. Real is hard. Real is:
A mother loosing her baby.
A soldier going off and never returning home.
A student getting bullied at school.
An abused wife.
An abused... Child.
A motherless baby.
A widow.
A shattered family.
A broken heart.
A house fire.
A drug attic.
Real is a homeless man.
A single TEENAGE mother.
A laid off worker.
A poor family.
A WORLD totally neglecting the fact that there IS A GOD.

REAL things bring us to our knees. REAL things keep us broken. REAL things keep our attention. They keep us awake. And alert. Real is also:
A happy marriage.
A steady church home.
A LOVED child.
A pure teenager.
A promise.
A friendship.

REAL is good too. REAL is love. REAL is loving one another. It takes you by the strings of your heart. And it shakes you. You see. God. He is real. I can promise you that. The REAL things that I listed first. They can't be fixed by a fake thing. Only a REAL thing can comfort or protect or fix or mend real things. And God is REAL!!

Maybe this is completely random. Maybe this blog doesnt make sense. But if you happen to be something that I listed in the first list. God can TREMENDOUSLY improve your situation. He is here. His love is mighty. And His LOVE IS REAL. That is the absolute truth.

If you feel hopeless right now. And you feel like you can't bare an ounce of anything else. Come to a God who is real. Not a statue. But a PERSONAL SAVIOR. Come and embrace His undending love. Need help? Well that's what I'm here for. I love you. I really do. Talk to me. Okay. Bye.

With love, Tessa.

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