Saturday, January 29, 2011

And these students... They're gonna change the world.

WOW! What an amazing night at Choudrant High School. So what happened was we had a 6 on 6 dogdeball tournament, a guest speaker, free food, worship, and door prizes. All free. But more than anything that night many lives were transformed. My fellow students were broken by a God who saves. That's exactly what He did tonight!!! Not only that but many of the students were called to a higher level of Christianity, that is to live life selflessly, and always worshiping the savior in EVERYTHING!

As for me. God stirred my heart in a way only He and I can understand. But honestly God showed me His power. Students He had laid on my heart months earlier gave their lives to Him TONIGHT! He is working. And He is answering prayers!!

Please pray for my fellow students. May they stay strong when life hits them hard.

With love, Tessa(:

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