Monday, May 23, 2011


Joy. This three letter word is a significant one in the Christian life. Joy should be all over our face. All over our lives. And we should leave a path of it everywhere we go. Okay okay, I understand people have different personalities and are not gonna be happy all the time. I understand that. But truly, God tells us to be JOYFUL. In James 1 God says, "Consider it pure joy when you face adversity." What now?? God wants me to be joyful in times that are the worst?? God expects me to have a smile on my face when I lose a loved one, run out of money, get dumped, lose my job?? YES! In James 1:3 God states that your endurance has an opportunity to grow when your faith is tested.

But hold on a sec, just because we should consider it pure joy doesn't mean that we can't weep. Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time for everything. And everyone knows the famous verse, Jesus Wept(John 11:35). Emotion is okay, It's normal. And in many ways necessary. But please understand something, as Christians we are called to be different. Anyone in the world can weep, and they can mourn but very few people who don't have Jesus can find JOY in the midst of hard and messy situations of life. This is truth. You know why?? Because JESUS IS OUR JOY. He is our comfort and our savior. Our savior from Hell but also from worry, and stress. And a person without Jesus, simply can't have PURE JOY. Maybe that statement is to bold, But I believe it with all my heart.

A huge problem that a lot of Christians run into is pity and the feeling that they don't deserve what they are getting. If that is you, LISTEN UP. We deserve Hell. Jesus DIED on a cross to save us from this place. I am pretty sure that being beaten and hung on a cross to die is far worse then anything we will ever experience in our lives. Just the fact that Jesus was PERFECT and still chose to walk this SINFUL earth for us should be enough to convince us that we deserve nothing. But one thing: HELL. Harsh? Nope. Truth.

My prayer is that you don't feel good after reading this. I pray that you feel convicted and you feel ready to do whatever it takes to let people see Jesus in your life. Work on this with me. Let's rise against the current of the Lukewarm and comfortable church.

Love yall,

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