Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eyes. Wide. Open.

Well hey there everyone,
It has defiantly been a while. Life is so busy. But here I am again writing another blog. I yet again have something wild stirring in my heart. It's about to burst!

So,yes, the dreaded school is back in. But you know what? I am so excited about this time of year! I could for sure do without the whole Algebra thing but there are SO many opportunities at my fingertips right now. God is pointing them out to me but what breaks my heart is I am not always listening.

Here is the thing, my heart is aching for the new kid who sits at lunch by themselves and the kid who is picked on day and night. But I am way to caught up in myself to realize that I can act on it or maybe I even realize I can but completely ignore it. Jesus lead by example. I want to be just like Jesus. Jesus loved the prostitutes and the beggars. And I want to be JUST like Jesus.

You see school is completely different from everything else(especially the small high schools). If you state you are a Christian, everybody knows. If you state you are a Christian and don't act like it, everybody knows. If you state you are a Christian and act like it, everybody knows. And everybody is watching you. I mean, we were warned by Jesus of this. He says in John 13:35 "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” See that key word, EVERYONE. (:

So hey Christians, Join me in listening to our sweet savior's instructions on how to love. He will point it out. And if you listen, you will love HIM all the more. I promise. This is a hard challenge but I pray you take it with confidence. Love you all.


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