Tuesday, February 28, 2012


God is teaching me something and I must share because it took me all too long to learn this lesson. It seems like Abortion has been a big thing that has been talked about lately among my friends. No, this is not a post about abortion. But while talking about it with someone God showed me something: He knows EXACTLY what He is doing. He has got every little thing in our life covered. But we don't get the great reward of blessings if we don't trust that He knows what He is doing. 

I guess what I mean is that we try to make our own plans. We try to plan our whole life out because well, I really can't think of a good reason why. We think that God wants us here at this time and point in our life or that this horrible situation in our life could not possibly be from Him. But we forget to ask Him where He wants us or what He is doing. And we MESS UP. When we do it on our own we simply mess everything up. It's our human nature to mess things up and we do a pretty great job at it. 

I can't imagine how much it hurts Him for us to try things on our own. It's like this: You have spent hours cooking a delicious and well thought meal out for your friends. You picked all of their favorite dishes and you know it is just an incredible feast. Then your friends call you about 5 minutes before they are suppose to be there and tell you that they are going to go out to eat. You're speechless, You're hurt, and you sit there staring at the whole table set with every ounce of food just sitting there. Getting cold. Then you think, "They are spending so much money now. Why would they do that when I have a homemade meal here, and it's free!" 

I know, as a person who loves to cook, that would hurt me so bad. So why exactly do we do that to God almost everyday. It hurts my heart to think about it. 

Love yall, 

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