Sunday, February 19, 2012

Practical Atheist.

Today I heard a term that intrigued me. I'm sure you can guess what that might be if you just look at the title of this post. The words practical Atheist made me want to know more. I mean this isnt a religion that is recognized as a ACTUAL religion. There is no 'Church of Practical Atheist.' Yet so many people practice this religion today. Many people go to churches that 'support' Practical Atheism. What exactly is this term you might ask. Well, let me tell you. Practical Atheism is a person who states they are a Christian. They SAY they love Christ but everything else in their life SCREAMS otherwise. This person loves Christ with their lips but hates Him with their actions. Harsh right? God has opened my eyes to something that I never really noticed before. It's the fact that  their are people in this world that HATE Christ. They hate Him. They hate the very person who died so they might live! They HATE Him. If you are a Christian and that does not break your heart. You need to look deeply at how you view God and what your relationship with Him looks like. Practical Atheism is a hatred of God through your actions. I want to challenge you to look at your life and search your heart to make sure you are not practicing this very religion.


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