Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hurting people...

Oh how I love Sundays! Sitting in church today, half listening to the sermon half listening to what God was talking to me about in my mind.... I started to think. How many people in this church building are truly just hurting? I think so many times we put on our pretty little church faces with the biggest smiles on our face walk into church and face the people. But why? Honestly, that is the complete opposite of what we are supposed to do. Isnt our church FAMILY somewhere to comfort and encourage one another. But instead of doing that we just expect everyone to be happy and solid.

I do this so many times. I expect it with myself and others... But I wanna break down that wall we put up. I wanna be able to be encouraged through my struggles and encourage others through theirs! What if we changed the way our church families operated in this aspect? Be the change! (:

With love, Tessa

P.s. Im not saying that it is bad to be happy! Ok. Thats all.

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