Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Summer... :)

This summer has been insane! God has used so many situations in my life to teach me and train me! To start off my amazing summer I went to New Mexico! Wow! What an Incredible experience! Going to love on those people was so fulfilling! Knowing that I was serving God while just loving on some kids was the least to say indescribable. I had an amazing team with me of some of the most servant hearted people I have ever met! While in New Mexico I was reading Job. Job was so great for me that week! I mean we were living in dirt and tents. Job taught just to keep my eye on what God was doing and preparing in this place. My circumstances ultimately did not matter! I just love the way he shows me things! :)

The second big thing was Cross Camp! Oh boy! Cross Camp is truly a great place to be! What an overwhelming feeling to be around roughly 750 students ready to learn about this awesome God of ours! Honestly, being totally stripped away from reality and placed at a college having fun and worshiping is indeed awesome! Haha! I met some incredible and inspiring people while at camp! Including this great girl who is a few years older than me and a lot like myself! Sharing mission stories and just laughing together was oh so sweet! I'm ready to hang out with this chicka more! :)

All together my summer has been stinkin amazing! Besides the mission trip and Cross Camp many youth hangouts have taken place! It has brought our youth group together in a much needed time! As school approaches I'm praying for strength for what is ahead. School is a whole mission field in itself. Im ready and willing to serve my fellow students! :) I think thats all I have for now!

With love, Tessa!

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  1. Yay! You're a blogger! You've got so much to offer, Tessa! Can't wait to hear about your life! Love you!