Monday, September 6, 2010

Real life me.

-I love Jesus first of all.
-I love people.
-I believe God shakes you to bring you back to Him. Not to beat you down.
-I'm bad at sports. Pretty much all of them.
-Youth group is where I refresh. Its my energy boost for the week.
-It's hard for me not to talk about God... What can I say? Imma Jesusfreak!
-I like to bake cakes. But hardly eat them.
-Im waiting for my future husband! Im eager and excited to find out who he is! (:
-I have a heart for students. Just realized this about me.
-I stay busy most of my life.
-Missions is my future job. But its my life as well. Im on a mission all the time.
-I enjoy coloring.
-God is writing the story for my life. What an honor.
-I have been saved by grace.
-Randomness is very much what I live by.
-I have the Best Best Friend in the world!
-Im a happy person... At least I like to think so.
-Writing blogs is fun to me. So is life.
-Im suprised how much stuff is coming to my mind while writing random facts about me.
-I am a freshman.
-I struggle with patience. I want to be more patient.
-I struggle with not being perfect. Even though I understand I never could possibly be perfect.
-A lot of the time I just want to spin in circles like a little kid and be care free again.
-14. Finally. (:
-I pray for my friends constanly. I hope they realize that.
-Im blessed. No matter what I think.
-I want to make people happy.
-I want to make an impact.
-This is me.
-Real life.

Ok. So this is who I am. I had no idea what to write about so I just did this. (:

With Love. Tessa


  1. much to love about you! Thanks for sharing the randomness!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Leslie! Love you! (: